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A Little Bit of PyObjC

Well, Jason gave me a bit of a challenge on his Twitter, and so that got me to doing something I’d meant to do for a while.

I’ve wanted to mess around with the new Python bindings, and so I booted up Leopard and settled in with XCode. My goal was to duplicate a demonstration of Scripting Bridge that Wolf had done at PSIG, except in Python.

Guerilla Lemur Conservation

Mike Lee over at Delicious Monster has come up with an idea that I heartily approve of. A campaign to raise donations for the Madagascar Fauna Group.

Viral internet conservation combined with interesting ways for independent software developers to make a difference.

It’s a great way to help improve the world we live in. Join Club Thievey. I did.

Me Software Developer

I’m getting back into some independent software development again.

GIFConverter is probably at that stage in its life where it should be allowed a peaceful senescence. I may do one more release, to get it working as a Universal Binary. No big feature changes. This is for the benefit of long-term loyal customers that have supported it over the years (and for which I thank you).