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I’m getting back into some independent software development again.

GIFConverter is probably at that stage in its life where it should be allowed a peaceful senescence. I may do one more release, to get it working as a Universal Binary. No big feature changes. This is for the benefit of long-term loyal customers that have supported it over the years (and for which I thank you).

If I did something with image viewing and processing, I’d totally start over. I’d want to take advantage of the increase in computing power in the last 20 years, and make something of the quality and polish you’d expect on the Mac.

And I’m looking for the Next Big Thing to do. I want it to be fun, something that I’d want to have, something that many people would want to have, something we’d use every day. That’s what GIFConverter was, and it had a good run.

I have one neat idea in my head so far.